Thursday 15 February 2018

The stone garden. A sculpture community near Mamalapuram. 2018

There is a sculpture community situated amidst pastoral scenes in a small village West of Mamalapuram. The link explores my interactions with the sculptors and a selection of works I produced whist residing there for over a month.

A sense of place. Mamalapuram. 2018

Residing in the small beach side town for a couple of month. The prime occupation being sculpture, but also afforded some photography of scenes around the locale.

Saturday 10 February 2018

Sculpture community, travelography account

Being in Mammalapuram gave an opportunity for an extensive participation with a sculpture community some distance from the town. I was given a space to be creative on my own projects which gave me a unique opportunity to interact with many long time sculptors that were generous in giving their time, introducing me to many aspects of traditional temple sculpture (23 pages), or preview (5 pages).  Also the art practice in India extends into the art practice in Australia