Monday 11 December 2017

Travelling south from Omkareshwar it was on to the caves of Ajanta, and Ellora then off to cosmopolitanism Pune, then further south to Goa.

I had a series of rough bus rides from Omkareshwar to Pune, and then a nice easy sleeper class by train to Goa.

The world heritage site of Ajunta is a testament to early Buddhist thought and devotion where celestial beings are depicted both in stone and painting. Ellora is also a world heritage site that includes Buddhist, Hindu and Jain iconography. The distinct traditions worked in close proximity to each other and shows evidence of religious tolerance of that early period. Photographic detailed analysis is followed through with syncretic art.

The city of Pune boasts rapid modernization along side classic British Raj architecture.  However its draw for many foreign tourists' are the renowned Hindu reformers' that popularized their meditation techniques on the international stage. 

There is a distinct sense of Indian Internationalism in Porchagese influenced Goa
contemporary secular festivals like India bike week and international beach culture (short film on beach party)
the general sense of place (short film) and street scenes in Goa's capital Panjim,

 The next section of the travel is a train from Goa to Hempi, then to Tiru, then Pondi, and then to Mamalapuram.